Hi there, I’m Lucy, the colourful designer/maker here at Smile & Make. I create storytelling jewellery and handmade accessories to add colour and charm to your outfits. I believe in dressing up everyday, wearing what makes you happy, surrounding yourself in colour and letting your outfit tell a story!


My designs are fun, colourful and eclectic, just like my style, and you’ll find jewellery in the shape of everything from pretty floral wreaths to retro record players, sparkly rainbows to soda pop bottles! Many of my designs are inspired by personal memories too. After sadly losing my incredible husband Michael to a brain tumour at the too young age of 35, I have used making and creativity as an outlet to stay positive and as a way to turn precious memories of our happiness into lasting little pieces of art which can be worn everyday.

Lucy and Michael - engagement shoot

As well as designing jewellery, I love to sew and you will also find handmade accessories here, from colourful clutch bags to jazzy zip pouches. I also love to make my own clothes and for a time I sold Made To Order dresses in my shop, but I have decided to take a break from this side of the business for now, although I may still add very occasional listings for handmade dresses.


Smile & Make is all about using fun, colour and creativity to make the every day a little bit more special. As well as making and selling storytelling jewellery & accessories, I (occasionally!) write a blog about my love of making and wearing cute and colourful clothes, craft projects and DIYs and everyday adventures!

And Smile Portrait recoloured

My blog is also about about my choice to live positively in Michael’s memory, and my fundraising work for The Brain Tumour Charity. Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of under 40s, yet receive less than 2% of the national spend on cancer research in the UK, and so we need every penny we can raise to help fund research in the hope that there might one day be a cure for this cruel disease. A donation from every item you buy from Smile & Make will go to The Brain Tumour Charity: The Michael Barry Fund so you can help support an incredibly important cause. You can find out more about Michael’s fund here (Above illustration by And Smile Studio)

Lucy_Michael_W_202 copy

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