We’re Going To The Zoo!

For the final week of #noveltyoutfitclub, we all took a trip to the zoo! The idea for this week was to wear your best animal themed outfits, and it didn’t have to just be animals you might expect to see in the zoo – all creatures great and small were welcome! Here’s a quick round up of the week.

My Outfits for “We’re Going To The Zoo!” Week


Day 1 – Kew Gardens Border Print


Day 2 – Floral Foxes


Day 3 – Off on Safari!


Day 4 – Penguins with Balloons!


Day 5 – Tropical Birds


Day 6 – More Fantastic Foxes!


Day 7 – Lions & Tigers!

Highlights from “We’re Going To The Zoo!” Week

We saw all manner of animals, birds and insects this week! There were…

…lions and giraffes… (@whiskandstitch@zannaspanner)

…flamingos and hummingbirds… (@pippaquigley25@miss_lottie_rose)


…some fabulous leopard print… (@hp_sews@nickabockaglory@thecupcakequeen)

…frogs, raccoons, koalas and quokkas, and even some Muppets! (Clockwise from top: @miss.v.stitch@wotnotsmade@catherine2147,@lespetitloups)

We saw some more domestic creatures aswell… cats, mice, birds, bunnies, ducks and creepy crawlies! (Clockwise from top: @honeycreweller@katieloveskittycats@therealfairymary@vendouris,  @miss_strawberry_shortgirl@lynnie_bop)

And some woodland animals too! (Clockwise from top: @rebeccarowlands, @sewmesunshine.uk,  @alyssak316@geminigemgems)

And to finish off, there were also some incredible outfits featuring a whole host of animals in one go! Special mention to Char for her Noah’s Ark themed outfit on the bottom left, such a good idea! (Clockwise from top:  @j9shappiness,  @chimpsteaparty, @kezziesquirrel@dinoprincesschar)

So, that brings us to the end of the first #noveltyoutfitclub! There have been over 400 pictures shared on the tag on Instagram and counting, so do have a look through the full gallery here. It has been such a fun month and I’m so glad so many people joined in! I must confess I was a little nervous it might just be me posting my outfits each day, which wouldn’t have been half as much fun, so thank you for getting on board with my idea!! I know these challenges can be hard to keep up with, and it takes a fair amount of time and planning, so I really appreciate the effort of everyone who has taken part. Since all of the algorithm changes to Instagram I seem to find it much harder to keep up with what’s going on, and find I spend less time chatting and engaging with the amazing creative community on Instagram than I used to, so this has been a great way to reconnect. I’ve discovered lots of great new Instagram accounts to follow and feel very inspired by all of the amazing outfits I’ve seen and the different interpretations of each theme, and I’ve added so so many fabrics and accessories to my wish list!!

I hope people will continue to use the hashtag to share novelty outfits and fun accessories even though the weekly challenges have finished, and since this has been so much fun I *might* plan a week long festive edition of #noveltyoutfitclub in December too!

Lucy x



2 thoughts on “We’re Going To The Zoo!

  1. Vickie Perrine says:

    The dresses are lovely and one of a kind I’m sure. 35-40 years ago my fiance and I went to the zoo. Back then they had a Children’s Wonderland where people could pet the animals.
    I had made a sundress out of a border print, with large flowers around the bottom.

    A beautiful red calf came up and was so friendly. I didn’t know why, just figured it was a friendly calf. If you know anything about calves, they have long tongues. This calf started trying to eat my flowers! Its tongue wrapped around my full skirt, twisting to get a big bite. I started screaming and several people came over quickly to save me.
    To this day, my husband lets me never forget about my incident with the flower eating calf!


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