Adventure Is Out There!

Time for a round up of the second week of #noveltyoutfitclub, “Adventure Is Out There!” It’s been another fabulously colourful week and I’m having so much fun seeing everyone’s outfits!

My Outfits For Adventure Week


Day 1 – Up!


Day 2 – Paris


Day 3 – San Francisco


Day 4 – Camping!


Day 5 – Bon Voyage!


Day 6 – Boats


Day 7 – New York

Highlights From Adventure Week

This week’s fabulous outfits took us to London, New York and Paris with @miss_strawberry_shortgirl, @alyssak316  & @hp_sews

There were more gorgeous handmade creations in some very fun fabrics! (Clockwise from top: @sewistella, @thedressgarden, @catherine2147, @whiskandstitch)

Some of the outfits even took us into outer space! (Clockwise from top: @miss.v.stitch, @thecupcakequeen, @katieloveskittycats, @therealfairymary)

And there were some gloriously colourful accessories! (Clockwise from top: @geminigemgems, @noleenashby80, @lespetitloups, @myshewasyare)

We’ve cycled and sailed off on our adventures… (Clockwise from top: @lola_and_squirrel, @j9shappiness, @sewoldfashioned, @chimpsteaparty)

As always, there was excellent head to toe outfit styling from these gorgeous ladies! (Clockwise from top: @pippaquigley25, @miss_lottie_rose, @pinup_is_my_prozac, @rebeccarowlands)

And our adventures even took us to the wild west, and up snowy mountains with @dinoprincesschar & @vendouris

Again, this really is only a small sample of the fabulous photos people have shared, so do have a look through the hashtag here. Thank you again to all of the wonderful participants for creating such wonderful and imaginative outfits, it’s an absolute joy scrolling through the hashtag now! And apologies for sharing this round up a little later than planned – I’ve been struggling with headaches and migraines so have had to avoid too much screen time, but I think it’s starting to get a little better now.

Week themes

Moving on from adventure week, this week’s theme is “Sweets and Treats” and there are already some truly delicious outfits on the hashtag! I’ll be back this weekend to share the top treats – yum!!

Lucy x


Bam! Movie Marathon!

We’ve come to the end of the first week of Novelty Outfit Club, my Instagram outfit challenge for October, with the theme of “Bam! Movie Marathon!” I’ve been absolutely blown away by the incredible response! There have been so many amazing outfits and such fun and creative interpretations of the theme, I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos! I thought I’d share some of my favourite entries here, plus a little round up of my outfits from the week.

My Outfits for Movie Week


Day 1 – The Wizard of Oz


Day 2 – Grease


Day 3 – Serendipity


Day 4 – Popcorn!


Day 5 – Funny Face


Day 6 – Fantastic Mr Fox


Day 7 – Mary Poppins!

Highlights from Movie Week!

There are some incredible outfits featuring a straight up movie theme, with popcorn, cats at the cinema and drive in movies! (Clockwise from top: @katieloveskittycats, @tessweck, @thecupcakequeen, @dinoprincesschar)

Quite a few nods to the Wizarding World, with these excellent outfits inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter! (Clockwise from top: @rebeccarowlands, @rubyqueenofcats, @nickabockaglory, @therealfairymary)

I was delighted to see so many gorgeous handmade dresses, in some truly excellent fabrics! (Clockwise from top: @miss.v.stitch Singin In The Rain, @sewistella Alice In Wonderland, @hp_sews Star Wars, @whiskandstitch Marvel Comics) I should mention these aren’t the only handmade outfits – there were lots of others too which I’ve included under other categories!

Lots of fun Disney outfits, and lovely to see a good Cath Kidston turnout! (Clockwise from top: @miss_lottie_rose Beauty & The Beast, @lespetitloups Peter Pan, @j9shappiness Gnomeo & Juliet, @noleenashby80 101 Dalmations)

I’ve been really impressed by the creative interpretations people have used to theme their outfits, I think it’s been a great way to look at your wardrobe in a new light! (Clockwise from top: @pinup_is_my_prozac Jurassic Park, @pippaquigley25 Despicable Me, @wotnotsmade Clockwise, @alyssak316 Pleasantville)

It’s been good to see a nod to some of the cult classics too. There has been such an interesting range of movies featured! (Clockwise from top: @vendouris My Neighbour Totoro, @lynnie_bop Gremlins, @kayjaymorrison Star Wars, @geminigemgems Labyrinth)

And so many gorgeous accessories! Serious jewellery envy here! (@chimpsteaparty Grease, @zannaspanner Peter Pan)

The photos I have featured here are really just the tip of the iceberg as there are so many more amazing outfits – over 100 posts on the tag already! I’ve just picked a few highlights and tried to include everyone who has taken part ( but apologies if I’ve missed anyone!) so do pop over to Instagram and have a proper look through the hashtag (click here to take a peek). I couldn’t have hoped for a better start to the challenge, and I’m glad to have discovered some awesome new ladies, and added quite a few dresses, jewellery and fabrics to my wishlist. I have a  feeling this month will be fabulous for inspiration but terrible for my bank balance!!

Week themes

The next theme starting tomorrow is “Adventure Is Out There!” Think anything travel related, the great outdoors, places you have visited or would love to visit, or anything you count as an adventure. I can’t wait to see the next week of outfits, this has already been so much fun!

Lucy x