Introducing #noveltyoutfitclub


Hi guys! I have a fun new idea which I’m excited (and a little nervous!) to share with you today – the Novelty Outfit Club! It’s an Instagram challenge I’ve put together for the month of October, where any fellow novelty outfit lovers can all share and appreciate each other’s themed outfits and accessories, with a prompt to provide inspiration each week.

Novelty definition

First up, I’ll tell you a little bit about the inspiration behind the project. Last week, I shared a post on Instagram about the importance of dressing up for me, which is something I’ve also written about here. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that not only do I love to dress up, but I also love to theme an outfit and tell a story with my clothes! These days, nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect novelty jewellery and accessories to match the print on my colourful dresses. It’s a simple silly pleasure that can bring a lot of joy to your everyday, and my ambition is to have a themed outfit for every occasion! And Michael loved a good theme just as much as I did – he’d wear his favourite burger socks on national burger day, plan primary coloured brick themed outfits for a trip to Legoland, and even theme his birthday and Christmas gifts to me, like the birthday when he bought me an ice lolly dress with matching necklace and socks!


One of my very favourite things about Instagram is the constant inspiration I get from seeing awesome ladies rocking their outfits, and the excitement when someone pairs the absolute perfect accessories with their outfit. I also really enjoy taking part in monthly challenges and hashtag projects as it’s a great way to discover new online friends and engage in the community, which after all is what Instagram is all about.


All of these factors started to spark into an idea when I shared my #aweekinwonderland outfits recently. After discovering I now have no less than 7(!) Alice In Wonderland themed dresses in my wardrobe, I decided to wear one each day and share my outfits on Instagram. I had a LOT of fun planning it all, so I thought why not do a weekly themed outfit project, but this time invite everyone to join in? I’ve come up with 4 themes, one for each week in October. If you’d like to take part then choose an outfit or accessory inspired by the prompt each week, and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #noveltyoutfitclub. Here are a few more details in a handy square form…

How to take part

There are no strict rules to this challenge as it’s about encouraging each other to have fun with our clothes, as for me it’s a big part of bringing a little bit of happy to the every day. I know that not everyone is quite as obsessed as I am with tracking down that perfect picnic pin to go with their picnic dress, necklace and bag, so you really don’t have to wear a matching head to toe ensemble! Even just wearing a pair of socks that fits with the theme will be great, and I’ve tried to keep the prompts broad so it will hopefully be easy to join in!

Week themes

  1. Bam! Movie Marathon! We’re off to the movies for Week 1! You could go for a straight up popcorn movie theme, or plan an outfit inspired by your favourite film! So much scope here! And the name of this theme is what Michael used to say whenever he fancied a cosy afternoon with our favourite movies, so I had to use it for this week.
  2. Adventure Is Out There! It’s time for an adventure in Week 2! You could choose a travel theme with airplanes and hot air balloons, camping and adventures in the great outdoors, favourite places you’ve visited, or anything that counts as an adventure in your book. The theme for this week is inspired by one of mine and Michael’s favourite Pixar films, Up!
  3. Sweets & Treats. I can’t resist any fabric or jewellery with a novelty food theme, so this was an obvious choice for Week 3. Think burgers, hot dogs, pizza, doughnuts, ice creams, cakes, sweets, biscuits, pineapples and water melons – anything food related. You might also want to stock up on snacks for this week, as I anticipate these outfits will make you feel a bit peckish!
  4. We’re Going To The Zoo in Week 4, rounding the challenge off with an animal theme, so expect some wild outfits! It doesn’t have to just be animals you’d find in the zoo, so feel free to take inspiration from all creatures great and small!

Everyone is welcome in the Novelty Outfit Club and I’d love to see your interpretations of each theme, so here’s hoping you’ll join me in October and fill up the hashtag with colourful cuteness!


Lucy x


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