Making Skirts Into Dresses

On a recent review of my wardrobe, I realised I have two very lovely skirts which I wasn’t getting much wear out of, but not because I didn’t love the prints. They are in fact two of my favourites, especially because Michael helped me to choose them. I just don’t really wear skirts as I never feel as comfortable in them as dresses, and I like the fact that a dress is an instant outfit. So I thought I ‘d see if I could adapt each of these skirts into dresses and get them into more regular rotation!

Mid Century Lindy Bop Skirt to By Hand London Kim Dress


I bought this skirt from Lindy Bop a couple of years ago after instantly falling in love with the bold, mid-century inspired print. It wasn’t available as a dress, but I liked it so much I chose the skirt anyway.


As it was a very full gathered skirt there was plenty of fabric to play with, so I managed to cut out both a By Hand London Kim bodice and an Emery skirt. And so the skirt became this dress!


I happened to have some yellow piping in my stash so I used it to highlight the princess seams in the bodice and the waist seam. And as I didn’t have enough fabric to be able to pattern match across the seams, I hoped adding piping might break up the seam line so it wouldn’t matter if the pattern didn’t quite line up!


To finish it off, I added a blue lace exposed zip. I’m very pleased with the finished dress, and I think it shows off the fabulous print even better than the skirt!


Palava Farmer’s Market Skirt to By Hand London Flora Dress


It’s no secret that I love Palava and their beautiful story telling dresses. When they released their Farmer’s Market collection a few years ago, I treated myself to this skirt since I couldn’t stretch to the dress at the time. I have worn it a couple of times, but not nearly as often as my other Palava dresses.


When I spotted an apron made in the same material for a very reasonable price in Palava’s last sale, I snapped it up thinking I could use the extra material to make a bodice to attach to the skirt.


I chose the By Hand London Flora bodice as I love both the shape and the fit and thought it would complement the skirt. The square neckline is great for showing off a statement necklace, like this cheese & biscuit beauty by Hello Sunshine.


I took the waistband off the skirt and gathered the main fabric to attach it to the bodice. It’s slightly shorter than my usual knee length, but I think it creates a cute shape.


I’m so pleased to have created a more wearable outfit using this fabric. There is so much detail in the fabulous border print, even the little girl at the market is wearing a Palava dress!


Lucy x


5 thoughts on “Making Skirts Into Dresses

  1. Lynsey says:

    What a fantastic idea, I must remember this with very gathered skirts, especially if the print is so lovely. Your Lindy bop looks amazing and love the piping, great touch and the necklace is a perfect match. I’ve never heard of Palava (so going to check them out straight away!!) such a gorgeous print and looks fab as a dress. I tend to wear jeans a lot in the winter as don’t like getting cold but that really needs to change.


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