Fantastic Mrs Fox Dress

Fantastic Mrs Fox Dress, Tilly & The Buttons Martha Dress, Fantastic Mr Fox Outfit, Wes Anderson

One of the many excellent things Michael introduced me to were the films of Wes Anderson. He admired the impeccable styling and always wanted to host a Wes Anderson theme party where everyone dressed up as a character. In homage to this I recently had the idea of making a series of dresses inspired by each of his films. They will be a mix of dresses replicating the style of particular characters or using fabrics and prints referencing  favourite elements of each film, since my aim is to create fun but wearable dresses rather than exact costumes! Halloween weekend seems like the perfect time to start with my first dress, inspired by the animated film Fantastic Mr Fox and the dress Mrs Fox wears. I think Michael most wanted to dress up as Mr Fox in his dashing corduroy suit, and from what I’ve seen on Pinterest it’s a very popular couple’s Halloween costume!

Fantastic Mrs Fox Quote

Fantastic Mr Fox was one of our favourite films as Michael also loved the original Roald Dahl book. When we first moved to London he would say “Hello Fantastic Mr Fox!” to any fox we saw! We even chose the soundtrack to the film as part of the playlist for our wedding.

Fantastic Mrs Fox Dress, Tilly & The Buttons Martha Dress, Fantastic Mr Fox Outfit, Wes Anderson

I actually had the idea to make Mrs Fox’s dress a few months ago when I first saw Tilly & The Buttons Martha dress pattern. The collar and shaping of the dress instantly made me think of Mrs Fox, so I picked up a copy of the pattern at Tilly’s stall at The Handmade Fair in September.

1. Spoonflower  /  2. Benartex Red Apples from eBay /  3. Japanese Twill from Miss Matatabi  

Mrs Fox’s dress is mustard yellow with red apples and after hunting online I found a few similar options. The best replica is a print I found on Spoonflower, but it was just a bit too expensive by the time I factored in VAT and shipping in the amount I needed to make the Martha dress. I was pleased when I found a similar and more affordable alternative on eBay. It’s a little bit more beige and less yellow in real life than it looked on the screen, but I think it still obviously references Mrs Fox’s dress. Annoyingly, just as I was finishing this dress a few days ago I stumbled upon another excellent possibility from one of my favourite Etsy sellers Miss Matatabi which is very close to the actual print, and on sale too! Oh well!

Fantastic Mrs Fox Dress, Tilly & The Buttons Martha Dress, Fantastic Mr Fox Outfit, Wes Anderson

I styled it with my foxy eye mask which was a DIY from an early Lucky Dip Club box, a badge I found on Etsy to replicate Mrs Fox’s cameo brooch, and some bright orange tights from We Love Colors.  All in all, a cussing great outfit!!

Fantastic Mr Fox

Etsy Wishlist: Fantastic Mr Fox edit

As well as the many incredible costumes I’ve seen inspired by the Wes Anderson films, there is also so much great fan art out there and I’ve put together a wishlist of foxy Etsy products I have my eye on!

1. Ash brooch by Sayonara Baby  /  2. Print by Fable & Black

3. Fox Knitting Kit by Sincerely Louise  /  4. Running Fox necklace by Layla Amber

It was a lot of fun making and styling this dress and I know Michael would have absolutely loved it. I’ve got lots of ideas for my next dresses inspired by Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic, The Darjeeling Limited, Moonrise Kingdom (my personal favourite) and The Grand Budapest Hotel. I’m missing off Bottle Rocket since I can’t really decide how to do it, and it was never really our favourite, so I think I can forgive the exception. All just a bit of fun, but I’m sure Michael would have loved to know I was doing this. He was actually working on a few Lego projects inspired by Wes Anderson buildings, which I might share pictures of in the corresponding posts too.

Happy Halloween!

Lucy x


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Mrs Fox Dress

  1. Lynsey says:

    Such a fab dress, I love the idea behind these dresses and thus is spot on, you definitely look Mrs Foxy, the dress fits great and looks awesome. Look forward to seeing more. I need to have and wear more dresses!


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