Making My Own Wardrobe: The Alice in Wonderland Dress


In honour of my birthday today, I made my dream Alice in Wonderland dress. At the beginning of this year I wrote a list of all the prints and patterns I would love to add to my wardrobe now I’ve started making my own dresses, and an Alice themed dress was top of the list. I found this incredible border print through an Etsy seller in Japan a few months ago (details below) but decided to wait until my birthday and make it especially for the day.


Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favourite stories – Alice is my middle name and, like most girls, I loved the book and the Disney film as a child (especially the scene where the Mad Hatter tries to fix the White Rabbit’s pocket watch by dipping it in tea and pouring sugar and butter into it at the tea party – apparently I would giggle away at this part of the film when I was little!). Knowing it’s special place in my heart, Michael had a tradition of buying me beautiful editions of the book for my birthday. This year my Mum and Dad bought me the Puffin in Bloom version, illustrated by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co, to carry on the tradition.


Outfit details: “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” dress – made by me with Alice in Wonderland border print cotton from Kate Japanese fabric using the Christine Haynes Emery dress pattern /  Broderie Anglaise Necklace – Tatty Devine  (sold out online – available here) / Mary Jane shoes – Clarks (sold out online – similar here)


I think this dress mostly speaks for itself as the print is a beauty, so I’m not planning to say much more! Except that it’s an Emery dress, because it’s my favourite dress shape, it shows off the stripes in the bodice and the border print skirt well, and has sleeves which means I can hopefully wear it in autumn/winter too. It’s also lined with blue polka dot cotton, and finished with my usual lace zip.


Now, can we take a moment to appreciate the incredible detail in this border print? Alice at the tea party, red roses, playing cards, toadstools, the Cheshire Cat in the tree. Combined with the blue and white stripes, it’s the ultimate Alice in Wonderland dress!


Lucy x


12 thoughts on “Making My Own Wardrobe: The Alice in Wonderland Dress

  1. Lynsey says:

    Amazing dress, it looks great on and that print is fabulous, great etsy find, it looks like it was made for this dress, perfect!! Happy birthday to you, i hope you enjoy wearing you fabulous dress.


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