Making My Own Wardrobe: Sunflower Marigold Jumpsuit


Whenever a new dressmaking pattern is released, I’m always desperately hoping it will be a fab new dress shape, and secretly a little bit disappointed if it’s anything else. But, the latest release by Tilly & The Buttons changed that, because as soon as I saw the Marigold Jumpsuit I knew I had to give it a go!


Outfit details: “Make your own sunshine” jumpsuit – made by me in navy sunflower print viscose from Ebay using the Tilly & The Buttons Marigold jumpsuit pattern /  Necklace – Punky Pins / Sandals – Lotta from Stockholm

Over the past few years I’ve become a lot more comfortable with my personal style and one of the biggest realisations has been that I prefer wearing dresses above everything else. I now literally own one pair of jeans, a handful of skirts and tops, and the rest of my wardrobe is dresses. But there was something about the shape of the Marigold I couldn’t resist – sweetheart neckline, peg trousers, comfy but cute style? All the elements of the design appealed to me. And it’s not really that much of a departure since one of the reasons I love wearing dresses so much is that a dress is an instant outfit, and this applies equally to jumpsuits. I’ve also been wanting to push myself out of my sewing comfort zone and try some new techniques, and this pattern offered the opportunity to try lots of new things – slippery fabrics (I’ve only ever sewn with cotton before), invisible zips and making trousers!


I’m so glad I decided to try it as I love the design. It’s SO COMFY to wear I might never take it off. The sweetheart neckline keeps it feeling pretty and girly, and I think the peg trouser shape works well for us ladies of more petite height! As with all of the Tilly & The Buttons patterns I’ve tried before, the instructions were super easy to follow and made all of the new techniques I hadn’t tried before seem like a doddle.


The fabric is a very drapey viscose which caught my eye on eBay because I can’t resist anything with sunflowers these days. I bought it because it was super cheap and I wanted to try out the design with no pressure in case it didn’t suit me or I messed it up, but it’s turned out to be an incredibly wearable muslin. There are a few parts I need to perfect on the next attempt, just little things like setting the zip a fraction too low at the top, but nothing that will stop me from wearing it.

Unsurprisingly, I’m already planning my next Marigold and I have a fabulous ice cream print lined up. I’m also very tempted with a lot of the pattern hack suggestions team Tilly shared as part of the Marigold sew along so I’ll be having a play around with ideas – I’m definitely intrigued by the Marigold / Bettine combination. I’m thinking of making some in block colours too that I could wear like dungarees. Too many ideas, too little time!!

Lucy x



7 thoughts on “Making My Own Wardrobe: Sunflower Marigold Jumpsuit

  1. gert189 says:

    I’ve been torn about this pattern- love Tilly but would it suit me? – but I think you’ve persuaded me! Looks great on you and the idea of a marigold-bettine is super-tempting. Got to ask though, apologies, is it tricky to visit the little girls room?


    • smileandmake says:

      Thanks Rach! It’s definitely worth a try as it’s so comfy – secret pyjamas!! And the pattern hack possibilities with other Tilly patterns are endless. Haha, it is a little but that’s the trouble with all jumpsuits! But not especially difficult to get on and off as the elasticated waist helps!


  2. sewingforcatpeople says:

    Aw, this is really cute.
    I have to say I’m impressed you’ve the confidence to wear it, it’s a little too ‘bold’ for me but it looks fantastic on you.
    Is it lined? Or is the top just finished with a facing?


    • smileandmake says:

      Thank you! I do favour a bold print! It’s not lined, just finished with facing – I think given the way the elasticated waist works with a waistband channel it would be tricky to line. It doesn’t really need it though, and the facing is top stitched down so it stays in place! Lucy x


  3. Lynsey says:

    Your Marigold is lovely, fab fabric and the it really suits you, it’s a lovely design but I have a bit of a problem area, I have a bit of a tum and unsure how this and Bettine would suit me but I love the idea of both and being able to mix and match, I think the trouser would look good as a separate piece too.


    • smileandmake says:

      Thank you so much! I think the Marigold is quite a flattering cut, it disguises any problem areas (which we all have!!) and drapes just where you need it to. The Bettine is probably even better for this. I like the look of the trousers too! Lucy x


      • Lynsey says:

        Thank you for for the vote of confidence, I’m off to buy both and hopefully can mix and match them to make many possibilities x


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