#growsunflowersformichael – June Update

20160609_100813 (1).jpg

I’m so happy that so many of you are taking part in the #growsunflowersformichael challenge, and the hashtag is filling up nicely! Thank you to everyone who has joined in and shared pictures! I’ve also created a Facebook page for the challenge here, so if you’re a Facebook person please give it a like and share your pictures there too.

I thought I would share a little round up of everyone’s pictures so far, and also show you some of the beautiful bespoke sunflower gifts I’ve received from my lovely Instagram friends recently. I’ve said it before, but I’m so grateful to have found such a lovely and talented community on Instagram. You’re the best!

First off, here are some progress shots of my sunflowers, which are looking mighty good if I do say so myself!

20160523_164238 (1)

20160607_182448 (1)

Since planting the sunflowers out in the area of the garden we have designated as “Sunflower Parade”, I’m trying to remember to take a picture on my phone each week to track the change in height, and they are certainly starting to shoot up. The 3 in the centre are different giant varieties (Pike’s Peak, Kong and Giant) and they are certainly living up to their name. I’m also growing a couple of red sunflowers which are keeping up with the giant varieties so far, so it’s anyone’s race! They’ve all now graduated from barbecue skewers to proper supports, which in time will have to be upgraded to taller and stockier bamboo sticks.

And here are some of the lovely pictures you’ve all been sharing on the hashtag:

It makes my day each time a new picture pops up on the hashtag, and I’ve also been lucky enough to receive some very special sunflower happy mail over the past few weeks.

20160608_181124 (1)

The lovely Emma of Fairytale Collars made me this amazing bespoke sunflower collar. It was such an incredible surprise! The design is so detailed and I love wearing it. I’m a big fan of Emma’s gorgeous collars which have taken Instagram by storm over the past year. It’s always exciting to see when someone comes up with a unique product idea and Emma has created the perfect brand and is constantly coming up with cute new designs, so it was a real privilege to know Emma made this one especially for me. Thank you so much lovely!

20160608_152801 (1)

20160608_152726 (1)

I first discovered Zabby Allen’s super stylish and colourful instagram and blog through Lucky Dip Club. She’s a crafty queen and amongst lots of other things is the editor of the Lucky Dip Club magazine Girl Planet, which is one of my favourite parts of the LDC boxes this year. Zabby recently surprised me with a set of personalised “M & L” sunflower prints, which are beyond perfect. I love the bright retro colours and design, and I know Michael would have loved these too as he was a sucker for a good piece of wall art and had a real appreciation for great design. They are now taking pride of place on the wall in my new studio (which I will share more of soon!) and making me smile every time I look up from my desk. I’m the absolute worst at taking photos of things in frames, so these pictures really don’t do justice to Zabby’s incredible design. Lesson learned – take a picture before framing next time! Thank you so much Zabby!

Thanks for reading and please keep sharing your pictures using #growsunflowersformichael – I love seeing them!

Lucy x


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