Hoop Art Wall Update

Hoop art wall update - September

Today I wanted to share an update on my embroidery hoop art wall. I’ve been busy sewing away and have completed another four hoops since my last post!

Record player embroidery

1.  I’ve just finished this hoop and I think it might be my favourite so far. The design is based on a photograph from our wedding reception of the vintage record player we had set up playing Belle & Sebastian during our arrival drinks. The tiny writing on the album sleeve took a lot of patience to stitch! I used some leftover gold leatherette from a Mollie Makes kit to add details to the record player.

Hot air balloon embroidery

2. When I was putting together the hoop wall I ordered a few extra fabric scraps on etsy and ebay including a piece of my favourite Cath Kidston clouds print, and once it was framed on the wall I thought the perfect idea for it would be to add a hot air balloon. I sketched out a design including lyrics from a favourite song and appliquéd the balloon with felt and Liberty print bunting.

Mason jar flowers embroidery

3. Next up I wanted to make something with a 3D element. I decided on a bouquet of pastel roses with pearl centres displayed in a mason jar.

Mini bunting embroidery

4. For this hoop I made a string of mini bunting from the actual bunting we had at our wedding. You can’t really see it in the picture above but I also embroidered our wedding date onto the bunting flags. I’m enjoying how the hoop art wall is giving me an opportunity to display some of the mementoes from our wedding like this bunting, and I have also framed some material from Michael’s wedding shirt in another hoop. It’s nice to be surrounded by our happy memories.

Up next I’m planning on something lego inspired for Michael, two hoops with our initials on and a pretty bike.

Lucy x


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